More Mbps

More clients per AP

Greater profitability

Maximum protection

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More Mbps, more speed, more clients per AP and a great profitability with the best protection against interference of the market. All of that satisfying the real needs of the clients, as real as our Mbps, because we always speak about net capacities, no cheating.

ARBA access

The ARBA access products are the wireless point to multipoint solution of Albentia Systems for last mile access. Our own aerDOCSIS technology has designed for WISP, specially indicated for a highly interfered environment.

ARBA link

The ARBA link solution is the family of point-to-point professional radio links from Albentia Systems. The point-point solutions ARBA link cover all types of needs, being able to be used as simple wireless bridges or as backhaul systems.

ARBA pro

ARBA pro is the aerDOCSIS point-to-multipoint wireless equipment developed by Albentia Systems for vertical markets and professional applications. The ARBA pro equipment offers extraordinary spectral efficiency and powerful safety mechanisms.

Multicarrier devices

Our equipment use carrier aggregation technology to transmit to multiple users at the same time. Our access points has been designed with four and eight carriers. The AP can move the CPEs according to the signal level, the interference, the demanded traffic and the general balance.

More capacity.

Squeeze up to the last Mbps.

Carrier Aggregation technology.

Unlimited number of CPEs per AP.

The best protection of the market.

We design our equipment with mechanism against interference that improve the sensibility and make more easy to find available spectrum.

PBIM. Per Based Interference Mitigation.

TBIM. Traffic Based Interference Mitigation.

Noise Reducer. Distortion reduction in the base station.

ARQ. It can be activated for each service.

wireless meetings

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point to multipoint
wisp technology

Albentia Systems has different models of access points and user terminals so that the wisp can grow gradually adapting to the need of each point. Thanks to the TDD synchronism of the equipment, sectors can be added in the same location without interfering.

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