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ARBA access

Deploy your wireless networks easier and faster. Albentia Systems equipment offers the best interference protection, longer range and maximum stability. The most suitable equipment for WISP that provide data, voice and video services either in 5GHz unlicensed band or in 3.5GHz licensed band.


140Mbps Base Station (AP) (AXS-BS-400)

The AXS-BS-400-N base stations have been designed to provide coverage for access networks in the 5GHz and 3.5 GHz bands. They deliver up to 140Mbps by using four 10 MHz radio channels and provide QoS equivalent to cable networks (HFC).

They are very compact full-outdoor and low power consumption base stations, with high throughput and processing capacity. The AXS-BS-400-N base stations minimize the spectral use and the investment thanks to the use of very narrow channel bandwiths.



35Mbps Base Station (AP) (AXS-BS-100)

The AXS-BS-100-N pico-base stations have been designed to provide coverage for access networks in the 5GHz and 3.5GHz bands. They deliver up to 35Mbps net per each 10MHz channel, or 140Mbps net grouping four sectors, and offers QoS levels equivalent to cable networks (HFC).

They are very compact full-outdoor base stations with ultra-low power consumption, which features strong mechanisms for security and protection against interference.



5GHz and 3.5GHz bands CPEs (AXS-CPE100)

The AXS-CPE100 user terminals have been designed by Albentia Systems to cover deployment needs in wireless access networks either in the 5GHz unlicensed band or in the 3.5GHz licensed band.

They are cost-effective easy to install CPEs for residential use, which allow the ISP to offer equivalent services to those provided by cable networks.

Featuring Home-Gateway functionality, AXS-CPE100 offer an easy to configure web interface for end users and allow for cost savings as they avoid the need for a home router.



Handheld unit (ACC-HU)

The Handheld Unit is a tool which helps installing and maintaining Albentia Systems’ wireless equipment. It allows installing and aiming antennas without a PC, thus reducing time and costs.

It also features other functions such as Factory Reset or IP Address Recovery to ease equipment maintenance and configuration.



Managed Synchronism Unit (SCU-4S-NG)

Forget about radio self-interference by synchronizing all your infrastructure equipment with this unit.

The Managed Synchronism Unit (SCU-NG) allows you to synchronize your AXS-BS-100/PRO-BS-1100 base stations together with your LNK-LU-100 radiolinks. It also acts as PoE Power Supply Equipment (PSE) and allows you to remotely control and monitor the power provided to the outdoor equipment connected to the unit. Thanks to its integrated GPS receiver you can install and synchronize in the same site any number of outdoor radio equipment.


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